Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Pinners Are Handing Over to Ben Silbermann

Pinners are giving Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann
the gift of free content, exploitable for his profit.

When an artist wishes to create something with some hope of deriving revenues from his work, a lot of time, effort and creativity are called upon. All Ben Silbermann needs to obtain that same content is for a pinner to make one little click for him.

ONE Craft Photograph
Crafter vs.
  • Spending days designing cute crocheted slippers
  • Making several slippers, improving design and yarn selection each time
  • Writing out instructions
  • Hassling friends for a baby to put slippers on for photograph
  • working to get that perfect lighting and baby foot position
  • One click

    ONE Painting
    Painter vs.
  • Spending years perfecting a concept and a style
  • Getting a really good idea
  • Buying materials, making the art
  • Taking a good photo without glare and even lighting
  • One click

    ONE Photograph
    Photographer vs.
  • Finding that perfect location
  • Airline ticket to perfect location
  • Hiring model
  • Hiring make up artist
  • Hotels for everyone
  • Waiting 4 days for the right clouds
  • Digital post-processing
  • One click

    This is the work that pinners are handing over to Pinterest. Who should profit from the work of an artist? The artist him/herself, or Pinterest's Ben Silbermann?


    H. M. Bascom said...

    Then you have the pinners (copyright infringers) who pin the work of others having created NOTHING themselves.

    Cindy Schnackel said...

    There has always been an attitude (in the US anyway) that anything creative is a frivolous hobby and artists should give away their work. I don't blame the internet for that problem but it, or some sites anyway, sure has made it easier for copycats and infringers to just take what they want instead of pay for it or at least get permission.

    The typical reaction, even if a person has outright taken someone else's intellectual property and is perhaps selling it, is to blame the artist. The lame excuses given just prove how ignorant people are about copyrights, or how ignorant they choose to remain.

    And many seem to really believe they are doing artists a favor. They're not. They are pinning work to a site that removes the ownership/copyright info to the image itself (digital info), and often loses the link and credit. So it is hardly driving traffic to our sites.

    I am not thrilled with pinners who ignore my prominent 'do not pin' notices on every one of my images, and the "do not pin code" on my blog. But, ultimately, Pinterest's methods, plans to monetize all that infringed content, and TOS, are the concern that many artists have with the site. If people can buy a cheap print through Pinterest, even if it's illegal, they will. That takes money out of artist's pockets and it's hard enough to earn a living in this field without theft besides.

    Most of us are ok with legitimate social media sharing, but that's not what Pinterest is doing.

    ohnostudio said...

    And they can print stuff too


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