Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dating Your Screenshots

Dated screenshots can be valuable evidence in the event of a lawsuit.

Screenshots can be forged.

Dated screenshots can be forged.

But so can a 5 dollar bill. Sometimes we have to do with the best we got.

In order to take a screenshot of the infringing material, you need to press the "PRINT SCREEN" key on your keyboard and paste in a graphic processing program. Not all of them work; the very basic MS Paint does. You probably have this program in your accessories if you have a PC. To take a dated screenshot, you need to pop up your desktop calendar, normally by double-clicking the hour/minute clock icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

  • Pop up your calendar
  • Press the PRINT SCREEN key
  • Paste in suitable photo editing software such as MS Paint
  • Save, crop, and you're ready to go.
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