Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Collected Messages From Pinners

We're just sharing images we care about - creators can suck it up

"Yah, Good luck collecting damages" - Difficulty in collecting damages means that copyrights may be infringed with impunity.

"people hate free advertising....RIIIGGGHGHTT!" - You are forgiven for not knowing the varied ways one may profit from their images and not care for that kind of publicity.

"If you don’t want your work seen don’t make art. I would think an artist should know that it is meant to be shared." - Art is a special profession where one is expected to work without remuneration, unlike dentists and hairdressers.

"I'm just waiting for the day every single person on pinterest gets sued." - This one is sarcasm, the author has over 600 pins. Pending 8 million lawsuits, the laws will continue to be flaunted.

"Do you have a website? If you do you should consider deleting it because people can steal your image too." - Offering the solution is to remove all images from the web (unless it's products for sale, I suppose).

"I think people have too high an opinion of the actual value of their talent or work. People pinning images are by and large providing free advertising. Stop bitching already." - The images aren't that good to begin with, be grateful for the exposure, shut up.

"...the main task of most any artist is becoming known. Pinterest and all those crazed pinners out there ARE WORKING FOR YOU in this regard." - Fame is your reward, pinners are your friends.

"Most people’s websites I look at don’t have ANY sort of watermark or protection and they are the first to complain when someone steals it! It’s like laying a dollar down on the street and then suing someone for stealing when they pick it up! UGH!!! Protect yourself and go back to the work of creating!" - Watermarks will stop the infringement! Get back and work on more stuff for us to pin.

"Sharing is caring - If you don't want your content to be seen just don't publish it. Every pin on Pinterest is an undeniable sign of appreciation for your work, so be proud of it instead of being mad at these people!" - Sharing is good, caring is good. How can one argue against apple pie? This is one of many who doesn't understand that money is made by distributing one's work, even for free (with revenues from advertising). Distributing other people's content is taking away their right to profit from its distribution, it's "sharing" what you don't own. Again, the oft-repeated suggestion to just stop publishing images, while grabbing said images for Pinterest's profit and of course, "caring."

Fair use is claimed for re-posting these comments. After all, they were put on the internet for the taking, and are tremendous publicity. No watermarks were found anywhere.

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