Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Spammer's View of "Pin Hags"

The image pinners wish to project.


How spammers view pinners (excerpts from Black Hat World Forum):

Don't get these glamorous pictures fool you, Pinterest is mostly older, fat ass women spending all their time on the internet, lazily clicking on pictures to pin them and getting their egos stroked for their amazing taste.

They're dreaming about high heels and castles but trust me, what I make money on is the peddling of donuts and limited edition Pop Tarts. [...]

  • Thomas Kinkade crap
  • Amazon grocery products with quality photos: donuts [...], fruit and nuts [...], gift baskets [...], chocolate & candies are super hot [...], chocolates with really nice pictures [...], shit like these cupcakes sell like mad [...], candy apples [...], cute shit with jelly beans [...], 12-flavor gummy bears [...] - you get the idea.
  • Trendy shit like decorating items with seashells that you can put in their own folder. Example: [...]
  • ANY EFFING ANYTHING WITH HEARTS. Just search Amazon with the "heart" keyword in Home & Garden. They have heart-shaped measuring cups that no pinning hag will want to be caught without. You could fill up an entire fake account with heart junk merchandise. [...]
  • Niche stuff targeting the gullible and more likely to follow the links, like a folder of merchandise with Jesus or the Virgin Mary.
  • Bacon products, they'll pretend it's for their husbands but it's really for them [...]. I tried the bacon thing as a joke, now I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Dresses (overdone, and pinners won't fit in them anyway)
  • Electronics (reading instruction manuals is intimidating)
  • Jewelry (looks spammy)
  • Diets. These gals love to eat more than they love to diet. Give them food instead. Easy food, none of that hard-work recipe business.
  • Craft stuff. They like to look at it, not do it.

    Link to Google Trends

    See the other websites that the pin hags visit?

    1. yummytastyrecipes.com (FOOD)
    2. helpwithweightloss.org (OPPOSITE OF FOOD)
    3. onegoodthingbyjillee.com (FOOD)
    4. sixsistersstuff.com (FOOD)
    5. plainchicken.com (FOOD)
    7. chef-in-training.com (FOOD)
    8. the-girl-who-ate-everything.com (FOOD)
    9. realmomkitchen.com (FOOD)
    10. iknowhair.com (HAIR - probably EATING IT)

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    ohnostudio said...

    I had a friend of mince get mad at me back several years ago when I referred to Kincaide as "Painter of Crap". I just said itto get her going - the stuff is - well - if that's your personal taste, then it's good.

    This excerpt is hilarious. Hey keep up this blog - good stuff -Libby