Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, How Disinteresting!

Back to January 1 levels, and flatlining at last.

Many reasons for this decline might be theorized.
  • Fear of the Terms of Use.
  • People realizing copyright infringement isn't so cool.
  • More creators asking to have their content removed drives the point home.
  • Boredom sets in from seeing the same pictures over and over.
  • Lack of intellectual stimulation - comments are dumber than those on Youtube.
  • Easy ramping up of followers may be exciting at first, but feel hollow when users realize how little it means.
  • The painful realization that we can't afford the things we love.
  • The painful realization that we don't have the time or skill to make these crafts.
  • Collection of LOLcats seems a little silly after reading this blog.
  • What becomes popular appears random.
  • Spammers finding out the traffic doesn't pan out, or Pinterest slowing them down with barriers.
  • Pinners turned off by spammers.
  • An increase in spamming hides a ever greater decline in actual use.
  • Hating Pinterest is trendier than liking it.

  • What is so special about Omaha?

    The Greater Omaha area has under a million inhabitants. Why is it so clearly over-represented among Pinterest visitors? Nebraska's greatest tourist attraction is its aquifer, so a good guess would be "nothing better to do."

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