Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest vs. 4chan and Censorship is an image sharing website that has been in operation for far longer than Pinterest; it dates back 2003. Let's see how it fares against the newer Pinterest.

4chan/b/ Pinterest
The handsome Christopher Poole

Ben Silbermann not much to look at
Breasts Females greeted with "Tits of Get The *F* Out" Mastectomy pictures hugely popular
DMCA procedure Images rarely stay on the servers for more than an hour Infuriating take down form on website requires entering individual pin pages rather than sweeping a whole pin/repin cluster with an image location.
Cuddlies Furries, Pedobear Crocheted teddy bears
Reigning monarch Boxxy Jane Wang, Ben Silbermann's mother
Privacy Absolute. Unless you have nude pictures of yourself that can be matched with your Facebook account None. User accounts are linked to Facebook, real names are the norm.

Except for Furries, which are a disgrace, 4chan beats Pinterest fair and square.

These two websites collide on the Pinterest page showing pins from /b/. Of course, "pinners" pin images from other image-sharing websites such as 4chan. Today, there are only 4 pictures listed; a few days ago, there were hundreds. The small number of pins from 4chan does ruin this post's joke - but where have all the pictures gone?

Is Pinterest censoring 4chan as an image source?

Is Pinterest censoring images from 4chan? If Pinterest can monitor images pinned from a website, and choose to delete these images on their own volition, why can't they "censor" a website by request of its webmaster?

One wonders.

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