Friday, October 12, 2012

Strike Three (A Repin)

"I did nothing wrong" - Pinterest says so.
This is to let you know that we removed one (or more) of your Pins as a result of a copyright complaint. The complaint was not directed against you or your Pin. It was directed against another user who Pinned or re-Pinned the same content from the following address:


While many copyright owners are happy to have their content Pinned on Pinterest, we recognize that some do not want their content to appear on Pinterest. Where, as here, a copyright owners notify us that they want their content removed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), it is our policy to remove the allegedly infringing Pin, as well as all other Pins that contain the same content if the copyright owners so choses.

Again, this complaint was not directed at you, or anything you did. We just thought you'd like to know why we removed your Pin.

Happy Pinning and thanks again for using Pinterest.

The Pinterest Team

1 comment:

Leslie Hawes said...

I noticed the recently added "Remove All" and "Strike" buttons to check when submitting a DMCA complaint. Thanks for this post, as it shows exactly what the letter to a "copyright infringer pinner" looks like when they get a 'strike'. Pinterest is going out of its way to soothe the Pinners, and precious little to actually re-examine its business model of 'facilitate the infringement' and leave the pinners to hold the bag. (not to mention the headache it causes me having to fill in DMCA forms, ad nauseum.