Saturday, October 20, 2012

News Round Up

In How I got sucked into Pinterest, author Jennifer Bardsley completely forgets that all the things she "finds on Pinterest" actually come from another website.
I love gleaning ideas from other people on Pinterest to do with my kids at home.
In Will Pinterest dominate Facebook?, author Daniella Rivera berates the personal bickering on Facebook, and fawns over Pinterest. Much to her credit, she presents the other side of the coin:
Baronet believes as the popularity of photo-sharing social media apps and sites increases, some wonder if the photo quality online will be reduced. Baronet says this is possible.

“I do think the pervasiveness of social media does shift people’s expectations about what ‘acceptable photography’ can be,” said Baronet.

Baronet also said photo-sharing sites affect bloggers.

“I’ve been blogging since 2005, and it’s definitely caused me to blog less. I think that would be the impact for many bloggers,” said Baronet.
In Did You Hear The One About The Marketer Who Didn't Use Pinterest?, author Steve Olenski, spews forth some rather uncritical hype about Pinterest - enough to wonder about his journalistic integrity.
“70% (of Pinterest users) said they do so to get inspiration on what to buy.”
In Pinterest Users Can Now Block Users, Report Indecent Content, you can read about some new Pinterest features:
People will be able to block other users, flag certain pins, or report an entire user profile for review
Here comes the drama. Great! This should help pin hags infringe on copyright with less spam irritants, and fewer offending deep cleavage photographs.


arlee said...

I found it totally abhorrent that one comment on that Olenski "article" was that a certain company wouldn't hire you if you DIDN't pin!!!! I guess they hire thieves and liars only.

I had a pin removed after repeated requests, with the pinner saying she guessed i didn't "need or want" "admirers" and that she had said she was going to interview me--as thought hat would assuage her guilt for pinning after an initial conversqation and even though it's clearly stated TWICE in my sidebar that i do not like or permit pinning....

You'd think a writer would get copyright, wouldn't you?????

A Glass Artist said...

Funny you should mention writers. Many blogger/writers out there only seem to care about their own copyright, and their brain goes blank when it comes to other people's.

Olenski is part of those masses of self-appointed gurus that pop up and try to hussle themselves as experts on the "new thing." Their objective is to sell ebooks, webinars, and give conferences. The are recognized by their over-the-top, uncritical hype.