Friday, September 7, 2012

Sue Me, Please - Yes, I'll Oblige If I Can

Why would anyone complain about copyright infringement for linking to them? The world has gone mad. Which I guess I knew already.

This taunting image has been pinned repeatedly, with the following comment: Poking the beehive. With all the talk about copyright infringements and #Pinterest, I'm still #Pinning. Sue me.

If you ever come to the point of suing pinners, these pinners, who have pinned or repinned this "sue me" taunt, should be on everyone's remorse-free priority lawsuit list:
PIN URLPinner Noland Hoshino (2764 pins) Beth Kanter (932 pins) Angela Dixon Cook Cincy Wexler Leah Albanese (2336 pins) Julia Lentz (1144 pins) Ifdy Perez Julie Lubinsky Bobby Nicolescu (2100 pins) Claire Wagner Non-Profit Organizations JM Villero Pontus Westerberg Megan Southall Kathy Catino (22,479 pins) Marcin Wec (859 pins) Keren Lerner (2336 pins) Gabrielle Laine-Peters (925 pins) Faith Ruggiero (5207 pins) Jack Varnell (2649 pins) Christy Aleckson

Some want to infringe and asking nicely not to be sued.

Here I credited the source, don't sue me.
henrybuilt, uncrate, don't sue me for copyright infringement.

I'm confusing crediting the source with infringement.
I'm just like you, a novel. Complicated, hidden long story that shed tears and cheers itself.❞ ---Yousef Al-Shereida / To avoid copyright infringement, I don't take credit for my displayed images

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