Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Soon, The Dough Will Roll In

Tim Peterson, in Pinterest's Money Play Could Hinge on Its Meme-Laden Data Social - site rounding up its options, reports that:
Last week Pinterest met with ad tracking and attribution firm Convertro to discuss available monetization opportunities.
The day Pinterest monetizes that scraped third party content will be a game changer.

From the perspective of the volunteer scrapers the sight of advertisement, regardless of the form it takes, Pinterest's "share" motto will be tainted by the "profit" imperative.

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ohnostudio said...

And the sniveling sycophants will continue fawning and pinning while eating their bacon snacks and chocolates. While pinterest of course scrapes not only content but all of the monetary spoils. Nothing like getting ignorant and unwitting cybermules to do the dirty work for you.