Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Pinterest Must Do To Get Along With Copyright Holders

~ If We Actually Respected Copyrights ~
A Pinterest To-Do List
  • Have a function where a webmaster can request that ALL images from his/her website that are already pinned be removed everywhere on Pinterest without having to chase them individually.
  • The default state for a website is that pinning is not allowed. To allow pinning, site must be enabled by webmaster. Critical traffic mass has been achieved - awareness of Pinterest is high enough that sufficient numbers of webmasters will enable pinning.
  • Print-on-Demand (POD) site users should be able to submit image URLs that they disallow even if the POD site permits pinning sitewide.
  • Make a serious effort to educate their users, geared at encouraging pinning from own material, Pin-It buttons, and Creative Commons. Educate users about finding images from the Creative Commons.
  • Remove all publicly accessible images targeted by a DMCA take down notice. If images that are taken down need to be retained for some legal reason, let that be in a place not accessible by anyone but site admin and with password protection. Right now, an image that is taken down can still be hotlinked by clever fourth party websites.
  • Ditch the EMBED button entirely. Many people that don't mind having their work pinned are horrified with the prospect of having their images embedded on unknown fourth party websites.
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    Cindy Schnackel said...

    Agree, and would also like to see:

    No removing the copyright/ownership info from the image & image URL.

    Automatic attribution (credit and a link back) including repinning.

    Display of only a thumbnail so that viewers are encouraged to click thru to the original site.