Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Music Lessons

The music industry was brought to its knees by copyright infringement. They have been dealing with willful ignorance of copyright laws, and the impoverishment of many musicians for years; we all know the battle is quite lost.

Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered, by David Lowery, is a long article, but it is an important read for all artists.
Recorded music revenue is down 64% since 1999.

Per capita spending on music is 47% lower than it was in 1973!!

The number of professional musicians has fallen 25% since 2000.

[...] “small” personal decisions have very real consequences, particularly when millions of people make the decision not to compensate artists they supposedly “love”.

[...]Rather than using our morality and principles to guide us through technological change, there are those asking us to change our morality and principles to fit the technological change–if a machine can do something, it ought to be done. [...] [Copyright] has worked very well for fans and artists. Now we are being asked to undo this not because we think this is a bad or unfair way to compensate artists but simply because it is technologically possible for corporations or individuals to exploit artists work without their permission on a massive scale and globally.

What the corporate backed Free Culture movement is asking us to do is analogous to changing our morality and principles to allow the equivalent of looting.
From the comments:
The message is: “Content creators, get in line to give your work away for the pleasure of possibly earning a bit of anonymous attention somewhere out over the inter-waves.”
The article is brimming with gems. A convincing point is made that people don't mind paying corporations for copyright-infringement platforms, hardware, and infrastructure, but they'd rather not pay the artists. Artists enforcing their copyrights are "copyright trolls" and "extortionists."

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The music industry is already on its knees.
We're next.


Conry Lavis said...

Nice article about pinterest.All of my friends have been begging me to get on Pinterest. I'm very on the fence about it. I already have Facebook (which I'm hardly on, it's just connected with my Twitter) Twitter, and a YouTube channel because I promote my band.

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A Glass Artist said...

Thank you Conry. David Lowery certainly wrote an article that was sad, touching, convincing, and accurate. I'm very grateful that he took the time to write it, and that it received a lot of attention - hopefully until everyone on the web reads it.

Pinterest can be useful for you if you post your images - and you realize that once posted on Pinterest, anyone can distribute and post your images as they please and you can't get them to take down the image via DMCA because they images will be on Pinterest's server, not theirs.

But don't expect much traffic from Pinterest, and don't forget that their links are "nofollow" which means you don't get search engine credit for them. They also have some schemes to rank higher for your keywords. They won't rank higher than your domain name, but they'll be right up there.