Sunday, June 3, 2012

How To Use Pinterest Legally - Advanced Class

Take the Creative Commons challenge!

Why not GO LEGIT and pin images with a Creative Commons license allowing you to do it? Sure, you have to dig deep in the search interface to reach the mother lode. But it can be done.

The tips below are your gateway to legitimate pinning, safe for yourself and the creators.

Click on the wheel icon on the upper right hand corner of Google Image search page, and select "Advanced Search."

Near the bottom of the "Advanced Search" page, open the "usage rights" drop down menu and you'll find four perfectly good options that will net you images that you are free to pin to your heart's content

The good news is that there are thousands of high-quality images that are perfectly safe to pin. Really. It's a nice surprise. Be sure to mention that your pin is legit in the comment section. You'll impress all your followers with your top-notch web citizenry.


ohnostudio said...

But the ethical question for me is -- Why would I want to? Do I really want to be a Pinhag? I have better things to do than shill for a multimillion dollar company with questionable ethics and practices.

KP said...

Pinterest is about to IPO. Many Pinterest millionaires will be made off the backs of working photographers who had no choice in the matter!

BTW, your graphics are all broken.