Monday, June 11, 2012

Nordstrom, That's The Right Idea!

Perfectly legitimate, and cool for everyone.

Nordstrom's has a Pinterest page! And why not. They're pinning pictures from a catalog for whom they own the rights, they are "authentic" to what they are selling, and they're displaying attractive, attainable, easy-to-find merchandise that can be repinned without losing sleep over potential copyright infringement lawsuits. You can pin a whole fantasy wardrobe, buy it, and enjoy wearing it.

That's a way better model than the current orgy of copyright infringement. Does Nordstrom's commercial presence diminish Pinterest? One might argue that it does not, since the page has, at the time the screenshot was taken, a healthy ~19,000 followers. People like it!

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alex said...

Unfortunately, like many brand pin pages, you'll see that they have pins coming from sources that aren't theirs - right away I found ones from tumblr and the first one went to a broken link. Brand sites seemed great at first, but I find them just as filed w concerns as most boards.