Friday, November 23, 2012

Required Anti-Pinterest Reading

From photographer Jason M. Hogle:
Thus by promoting and participating in copyright infringement, Pinterest lays claim to the intellectual property of others such that they can make money with it if they so choose, all of which is based on assuming its users have the rights they are transferring to Pinterest when they post content. That is, when they post someone else’s content, which represents the vast majority of the images shown on the site.
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From AMD Law Group:
Although many Pinterest users do not claim to own any of the images that they publish, it is still copyright infringement to not seek permission from the content’s creators. It’s copyright infringement even if you do link back to the original creator’s site or credit them. Unless you seek permission before you share someone else’s image, you violate the right of content holders to exclusively redistribute their material.


ohnostudio said...

And for the other side of the story you might want to google "Trey Ratcliffe Pinterest" who encourages pinning. Of course the 'togs follow along and do so because many are just mindless sycophants. Many in the business think that playing the social media game and getting the most thumbs up is the way to fame and fortune. Sorry that's not the way it works. But I guess it's easier for some to do all the pinning and Liking instead of doing real work. Pins don't put bread on my table, they only benefit the pinterest machine. No pinhag will ever pay you what you are worth for your work. They need to save their money for chocolate covered bacon snacks.

Leslie Hawes said...