Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest Needs To Educate Its Users.

Please note that any and all images, photos, etc. have a link provided and
I will not be responsible for any copyright infringement.

This kind of comment is of the type that makes copyright owner's blood boil; it is one step beyond "no copyright infringement intended" disclaimer/admission-of-guit with its bold refusal of responsibility. As if the author of the disclaimer was the one in control, rather than the victims of her infringement (it can be called infringement, as the pinner admits not being the owner of the images and does not claim permission).

It must be remembered that this sort of ignorance is common place, if rarely this brazen, and to some extent fostered by Pinterest's recent emphasis on attribution, confirming in their user's minds that a link absolves them of infringement.


bhbphotos said...

Reminds me of a large mail-order photo-finisher who advertised and specialized in making cheap billfold prints from professional studio portraits, They tried a end run around copyright by having customers sign a statement that they had not given the photographer permission to copyright the image. They lost a suit brought by PPA

ohnostudio said...

So that's what a Pinhag looks like...

Ignorance of the law is no defense for image theft.

Mia McPherson said...

Pinterest disgusts me and I am tired of seeing my images posted there without my authorization.

Perhaps a class action lawsuit by photographers is need to stop the images thieves from posting there. I think that would be great.

Cindy Schnackel said...

Funny! I wonder wher people get the idea that they can disclaim liability for breaking laws?