Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good Pinning Etiquette Is Pinning Your Own Stuff Only

Read up on the website!
  • I didn’t make any money from the infringement.
  • I didn’t know it was copyrighted.
  • If it’s on the web, then it’s public domain unless clearly marked otherwise.
  • I gave credit to the photographer.
  • I took it down when asked.
None of the above will help a pinner in court.

Especially if the pin board is decorated with the "disclaimer" no-copyright-infringement-intended-none-of-the-pictures-are-mine.


takeshi007 said...

Yes, there are some etiquette that you should consider when you start Pinterest marketing and make sure that you know your main goal and objectives before you start this strategy.

A Glass Artist said...

Thank you for the spam link to your Pinterest bot. As you may gather, anything that is bad for Pinterest like your "ninjapinner" is fine by me.