Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catch Me If You Can

It's not only Zoe Parks; many pinners choose to boldly acknowledge their copyright infringing ways, entreating content creators to contact them if they want their images removed.

This catch-me-if-you-can attitude to copyright is quite burdensome for content creators. The infringers post images with uncontrolled hubris, surrendering broad rights to the corporate entity that is Pinterest, and their creators are supposed to monitor these millions of pins for infringement, and of course ask nicely that the images be removed.

The disclaimers are ineffective, other than you help potential litigious artists to spot willful infringement. Someone that admits to infringement cannot claim, in a court, that they didn't know. Yet, like voodoo, these magical words are assumed to protect one against the legal evil eye.

Nan Johnson

Ana Martins

Therese Galilei Rousch
This pinner uses the magic catch-me-if-you-can disclaimer at least 3 times, she must believe in its effectiveness.
...and a one!

...and a two!

In artsy-fartsy side of me... one wonders who's side it is, Mrs. Rousch's, or that of other people?

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ohnostudio said...

Well I guess if you punctuate the disclaimer with a Meow that makes it ok.