Thursday, July 11, 2013

News Roundup

Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google is an interesting article from a photographer who doesn't want her images pinned. The discussion below is every interesting, as many commenters pledge to delete their Pinterest accounts - showing the effectiveness of educating the public.

Other people's Photos also features a lively discussion that you may want to join in.

Don’t Steal My Stuff, Dude! has a humorous twist.
Recently, I found a blog that had copied all of my posts and photos word-for-word from my other blog. After hounding them with several emails, they finally responded to me that they would credit me for the content they had borrowed, and we were all happy. While gracious about it, I still got the feeling this other blog owner felt somewhat entitled to my work.
That's why a lot of us prefer the DMCA than arguing with website owners!

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