Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Unpin On Pinterest

So you want to unpin a picture on Pinterest and you don't know how.

You have come to the right place as we will demonstrate the most effective way to remove the unwanted pins that blight your otherwise gorgeous pinboards.

Your first step is to reach this form by following THIS LINK HERE.

The first box says: "Identify your work on your own website" simply copy and paste the link towards which the image is pointing.  With Firefox, you can right-click on the image, select "Copy Link Location" and paste in the box

In the box that says: "Identify the infringed work on Pinterest" simply copy and paste the URL in the upper right hand of your screen in the web address bar.

 Next, there are two radio buttons.  Select YES for both.

Fill out the name and address fields, click all three boxes and write your name at the bottom.

And you're done!  Pinterest will remove all these unwanted pins for you! It's much easier than doing it yourself!

Happy pinning!


arlee said...

except of course we know that you have to make several attempts because there's a built in glitch that removes some of the info, you have to refill out other info and it's a pain in the BAZOTSKI, BUT, in the end it works i suppose--so tired of the whole damned thing

A Glass Artist said...

Those glitches have been there for months. Pinterest is only too happy to write sunshiny "strikes" to the infringers, but short-changes the artists.

I really hate that they don't list the images that have been removed in the confirmation letter.

arlee said...

at least tumblr lets you know so you can keep track...