Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outrage of the month

In Pinterest photos: Can they be used without copyright infringement?, author "bevcohen" writes:
What I find very confusing is why Pinterest users are allowed to pin pictures from all over the internet without regard for their rights to use those pictures. Public domain or not, pictures are continually being pinned.

And pictures on Pinterest can be re-pinned. If that’s the case, it seems reasonable that we should be able to use those pictures on posts at Bubblews or anywhere else.

So instead of searching the internet for public domain pictures that we can use without copyright infringement, Pinterest might be a great one-stop photo shopping site. Any thoughts?
Any thought? Yes, disturbing thoughts. As most of us creatives have feared when becoming aware of the existence of Pinterest, the public's perception of an image posted on Pinterest is that this image is fair game for them to use on whatever website they feel like.


Cindy Schnackel said...

Well, at least the comments, (so far!), all correctly told him, "No," that he can't just use anything he finds on Pinterest! That's encouraging. Either people are learning, or he just had a coincidental string of informed readers as of the time I last looked.

arlee said...

IDIOT. PERIOD. What Magic Kingdom do these idiots live in????????????

kaiteM said...

arlee they live in the magical kingdom of Pin Brain!

Leslie Hawes said...

Great link:

Leslie Hawes said...

Another great link to a forum contributor: