Thursday, May 16, 2013

Article Worth Pointing Out

The's Eric George, in Long, Hot and Expensive Summer writes:
The firing of a newspaper blogger for informing the general public that Pinterest is not copyright infringement. Well, the paper was about to get sued into oblivion because some people on Pinterest used that as a defense in their cases and LOST.

The bottom line is it is going to be a very long and very hot and very expensive summer for infringers and the providers who have dumped everything on the users. It may not happen this year if things are appealed but the ship is sinking and the rats are running to get off and move the infringing materials to other companies they buy overseas. I hope the new system coming in allows them to be sued even if they do that.
Regrettably, no sources are given or names mentioned. I can't ascribe a comfortable level of credibility to the article but I thought I'd share anyway!

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Angela Perry said...

Thanks for your posts. I was researching Pinterest as a social media platform and came across your blog. I refuse to support or belong to any site that facilitates stealing. It sounds like Pinterest is the Napster of the art world. I will not be joining.