Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rooting For The Sharks

It's not easy to feel sorry for Pinterest
bring attacked by websharks.

According to TechCrunch and CMS Wire, many pinners have been locked out of their accounts because of compromised security. It appears that hackers access pinners' accounts and post spam. It's hard to think of a more deserving spam target than Pinterest.

Pinterest has no clue as to how this exploit is accomplished and how to end it, and is resorting to the embarrassing stop-gap measure of locking pinners out of their accounts, and making them fill up a survey in the hope of figuring out what to do.

There have been reports of deleted pins, though this may be DMCA take downs. It's possible that many pinners can't even conceive of creators asking that their IP be removed.

Pinterest is in the dark:
"Please submit a ticket if you have any idea how someone may have gained access to your login information. Consider whether you have recently encountered any misleading 3rd party apps, if you use web browser extensions, or if you use the same password on multiple sites. We also recommend running trusted antivirus software to check your computer for malware."
And now, quoting some slightly deranged pinners for amusement:
I thought they were accusing me of being the spammer because I pinned fast and it happened most of the time when I was pinning from Tumbler
the same thing happened to me today!!! it is driving me crazy, I want to get to my pins!!!!!
I just want to be able to Pin again!
Wow! I couldn’t live w/o my pinning!! Ouch, I hope it gets resolved
Then life stopped. My blog pins, recipes and contests I am working on (including the dream nursery I am pinning) is all gone – locked.
Karma, perhaps?

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ohnostudio said...

Karma, perhaps?

"I just want to be able to Pin again!" - Sounds more like drug addiction to me ;-) They should just relax and have a cookie.

"All is gone - Locked" - thank god one less moron contributing to the virtual rubbish heap even if only for a short time.