Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pinterest's Fraud Triange

pinterest copyright infringement
Pinterest's fraud triangle is a classic.

The "fraud triangle" is comprised of motivation, opportunity, and rationalization.

What is the motivation?
  • The admiration of "followers."
  • The admiration of "repinners."
  • The admiration of "commenters."
  • Satisfying a compulsion/addiction to "collect things" and "own" a vast digital hoard.
  • Fantasy ownership, like "Second Life."
What provides the opportunity?
  • The pinmarklet facilitates infringement.
  • Pinterest supplies the platform.
  • Pinterest supplies the social media context that makes up the "incentives."
  • The belief that there is no legal consequence.
What is the rationalization?
  • "No copyright infringement intended"
  • Sharing is caring.
  • "Artists will create anyway, so financial incentives are moot."
  • Authors, artists and musicians are going to have to adapt to the new reality that I've taken it upon myself to distribute their work in their stead.
  • I'm not stealing anything.
  • I'm not using it commercially.
  • Art is meant to be shared. By me. To gain the esteem of strangers on the internet.
  • Don't publish it if you care about copyright.
  • I'm giving you invaluable publicity.
  • I wouldn't license your stupid photograph anyway.
  • You're not losing.
  • No one should make a living from artistic pursuits.
  • Go mop floors.
  • You should be flattered.
“Unfortunately finding talent and figuring out how to get in between them and as much of their money as possible is a great way to get real rich.”
– Thomas Edison

Does Pinterest exploit its users to get between content creators and their incomes?

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