Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Reading Material

The Perils Of Pinterest - great article and comments.

Pinteres Is Not A Source - the only problem is that attribution does not mitigate copyright infringement...

Bing Adds Pinterest Collections To Image Search - More bad news.

Pinterest and My Ethics - How I Changed My Mind = Grrrrrr:
I’m going to be sharing anything that I want on my Pinterest. If someone out there decides to be a jerk about what I share, then I will happily remove any offending thing. I will also write a bubble about them and share with the world how they are part of the SUCK. I’m using my own moral compass for Pinterest, or as Peloquin said on “Nightbreed” said “F*** the Law”. I want to share the awesome, not steal anything. Don’t blame me for Pinterest’s screwed up policies and code.

5 Reasons Why Starbucks’ Pinterest Strategy is Not A Big Hit - aka "Starbucks Infringes Copyright On Pinterest And Is A Terrible Example."

Pinterest moves away from images with “Article Pins” - Here we go: after the images, the text. Didn't we see that one coming?


Leslie Hawes said...

As per the 'Bing' article...pinterest gave me code to add to my website to prevent pinning of my images. I added it. Bing added the 'pin it' button to every image it indexes, which does an end run around my 'no pin' code.
Then Bing gives my image back to Pinterest.

Mia McPherson said...

Our No-pin code is worthless thanks to Bing.