Monday, June 17, 2013

Pinterest Sputters

Pin hags are getting bored of red velvet shit.

After a meteoric rise, and subsequent leveling off of traffic, Pinterest's 2013 second quarter appears to demonstrate that stealing images from artists, photographers and bloggers gets old after a while. One can always hope that Pinterest will myspace itself.

Let's take a closer look at the last 3 months:

Pinterest is trending down, artists hopeful

While it's reasonable to expect traffic downturns during the summer months while pin hags are out gardening, this downturn does appear more pronounced and sustained than it was at the corresponding time last year.

What factors might contribute to this excellent downturn?
  • It takes a few months for pin hags to realize how futile their picture collections are.
  • Bing, Yahoo and Google Image searches now show full-size images without having to visit source websites, competing with Pinterest's highly successful business model of shamelessly grabbing other people's pictorial content by way of crowdscraping.
  • Even spammers are beginning to realize that Pinterest referral traffic is just a worthless trickle.
  • All the pictures have already been pinned, so Pinterest is degenerating into an incestuous orgy of monotonous re-pinning.
  • Maybe the "strikes" are working a slow grind?
Pinterest is not going down without a fight.
  • The image displays are even bigger!
  • Analytic features for overtly commercial boards, so that their owners get to see in charts and numbers how completely useless Pinterest referral traffic really is!
  • Hassling the content providers: DMCA take-down requests are more error-prone than ever with the "strike system" radio buttons popup text interfering with the use of the buttons, glitches like the button that is clicked causing the button in the following entry field to unclick, error messages that wipe out the check-marks and pull-down selection menus, DMCA confirmation letters that do not list the images that have been taken down (if they have been taken down).
If Pinterest flouders, how about crowdscraping the written word, next?


Leslie Hawes said...

...and the proliferation of porn on pinterest is rampant. It is getting pretty darned bad on those boards, and it is making a lot of ladies uncomfortable to be bombarded with images that just don't fit the image that pinterest started with.

arlee said...

oh, my heart bleeds--about bloody time! and considering how the catchy thing was to call certain things. "thread porn" or "fabric porn", why the heck not with the real thing? everything becomes tacky and cheapened when used this way.