Saturday, March 23, 2013

Aiding Copyright Infringement

According to Tim Hull of Courthouse News Service in: No Reprieve for isoHunt in Copyright-Aiding Suit, the 9th Circuit Court ruled this week that the owner of the popular BitTorrent search engine is liable for contributory copyright infringement.

The owner of had appealed a ruling from a lawsuit filed in 2006 by several major motion picture companies, and has now lost.

This is a good sign that litigation against Pinterest could result in a victory for the plaintiffs, since, in my opinion, the Pinterest case is even more clear-cut than in the case of - inasmuch as they are patient with the slow turning of the wheels of Justice.


The Custards said...

I have just come across an image of mine on this website here:

Though I have a blog I do not sell things through my blog and there is no links to any 'shop'. It is clearly stated on my blog that I do not want photographs used elsewhere, no pin code in place etc.

The link above appears to use images with no credit or link at all to the original source. Is this a site that you have come across previously I wonder? I have emailed them asking for removal and a copy of their copyright regulations
thank you for your time
Kind regards

A Glass Artist said...

This is a lazy-ass scraper site that is capitalizing on the latest craze of image-theft that was pioneered by Pinterest.

Their service provider is and their email address is legal@vudoohosting.

The Custards said...

Hello again
Yes indeed - I can see that now all the images that they have posted on Pinterest link back to their own site. The images have been carefully stripped of all their information and appear then to have come from themselves.
I have reported the site on Pinterest to pinterest so do not expect a reply....
Adding in the pinterst site here in case anyone else finds their images being used there
Thank you for the extra information
Kind regards

A Glass Artist said...

"" is posting, on its own site, what I assume to be images from other blogs without accreditation or permission.

Then the images are "pinned" from "" to Pinterest by pinners.

So you have a big old submarine sandwich of people that don't care if artists/creators can profit from their work:

(1) pinners don't care
(2) scrapers like "" don't care
(3) Pinterest doesn't care.

Leslie Hawes said...

Here is a link to the Pinterest DMCA copyright takedown form that copyright holders fill out to have images removed.

bhbphotos said...

If you find a scrapped site,odds are good that you will find them ridding on Pinterest's coattails