Thursday, January 10, 2013

...and we're back.

I did take a short hiatus from the blog to concentrate on other projects.

I'm now equipped with a giant, state-of-the-art screen to better find copyright infringement on Pinterest. A second reason is that PhotoShop is a screen space hog but that was only a minor consideration in my purchase.

Pinterest has undergone a few changes, such as something akin to the "@" function in Twitter, and pinners who have lost the ability to pin from my websites, sure make up for it by pinning my material from Yahoo and Google searches.

But more importantly, I have come across Arlee Barr's deliciously subversive Pinterest account and her staunchly anti-Pinterest views. She's a fantastic textile and embroidery artist.
Did you know that Google will more likely point you to a pin of your work than to your own website???? So much for “Promotion”.


ohnostudio said...

Yes and as I mentioned to you before, when looking for kitchen gadgets and such, Pinsuck ranks higher than a lot of the vendor sites. I am a serious hobby baker and tend to spend some substantial money in that area. I was looking for a particular pan that I believe really only available in the UK. A zillion pins, but couldn't track down the item. I'm not willing to waste more tha a half hour trying to track down this shit. And too bad. Because the pan goes for probably about 200 bucks and a vendor lost out. I would rather hire a tinsmith to make me the pan rather than waste my time like that.

Ok done with my rant - welcome back.

arlee said...

Why thank you darlin' :) It may not make me popular, but people tend to remember me. I'll never give in or concede any valid point for the whole damn thieving concept, anywhere, for any reason.

Cindy Schnackel said...

Yes, I've noticed pinners subverting Red Bubble's optional no-pin code, (that some members choose to use), by pinning from Red Bubble search results. There is no no-pin code there. The pins seem less and

Cindy Schnackel said...

cut me off...last sentence meant to say the pins seem less and less likely to link to or credit the owner.

Maggie said...

welcome back and thanks for the informative comment on my blog.
There are a few of us ranting on a facebook page and trying to make a difference or at least slow the flow of this river of copyright infringers down a bit. From this page I got a link for yet another kind of 'protection' for our photos from McAffee:
Of course, we know it won't stop the experienced thieves, but it might slow some of them down.
This is one of the Facebook pages:
and another: